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Our 360 Photo Booth is a unique and interactive experience that allows your guests to create a cool 360 video! Guests will stand on the platform and a camera mounted on a rotating arm will then circle around them. This will capture your guests in a 360 degree slow motion. Guests will be able to share their video shortly after.


Our 360 Photo Booth is one of the most reliable and highest quality booths in the market! All we need is 10′  x 10′ footprint and we take care of the rest. An attendant is included to assist guests with getting on and off the platform and helping them share their video. Our staff arrives on hour prior to start setup. Get in touch to learn more!


Your guests will be instructed by our Video Attendant to step onto the 360 photo booth platform. The camera will then orbit around the platform and capture a 360 degree, slow motion video of your guests.


Once the camera stops rotating, your guests can head to the sharing station. Within seconds our software will finish processing the video and effects. Our Video Attendant will help your guests with sending and receiving the video file.


Live-Action Props can be added to your 360 Photo Booth Rental for an added special touch.

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All Packages Include the following:



Does your event have a theme? We can provide props for the Heat 360 that go along with your events theme. All of our prop packages are custom by custom bid only. Please reach out to us so we can build your custom prop package!



• 80’s Party
• Back to the 90’s
• Wedding Specific
• Masquerade Ball
• Luau
• Beach
• and More!


Our LED fog machines are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your party or event. Our button-activated machines allow us to control the amount of fog in your party room. The machines create a safe, water-based fog.



Our haze system creates a very light “mist” that suspends in the air so light beams and effects are more visible.



Bridge the gap between home party and nightclub with a handheld Cryo CO2 Cannon! The CO2 Cryo Cannon blasts out a cold air that is safe to inhale, and cool to dance in to. The CO2 cannon creates a stunning visual effect as well as adds a good vibe to any party, making it one of the hottest special effects to hit the market.

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